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Real-time data analysis software from Ashtree Marine

Analyse every move your boat makes and develop new strategies.

Build up your skills at analysing your racing performance with our multi-level software package. Already a data buff? You can dig down into the details. Not so hot with tech? Our easy-to-use platform is the perfect introduction to racing analysis, helping you hone your insight and develop your boating instinct.

Suitable for beginners and data experts alike, plus free on-line help.

Rockit will track and aggregate your measurements as you race, creating summary data that combines new information with existing values. This helps to give a clear picture of a boat’s performance. Plug and play with a laptop or tablet, on or off board, to analyse your results in the best way for you and your crew.

No extra equipment to buy or install, just plug and play. Mac and PC.

Rockit uses Open Source technologies and has been tested on Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10. The recommended platform is Windows 10. Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS X have been tested on a more limited basis. Support for a multi-user system based on My SQL is also available on request.


Improve your results - see the proof in our test boat data trials.

Jengu’s story – how we transformed our boat’s racing performance using our commercial skills in the software design business, our astute analysis and our nautical know-how. Follow our journey from product concept through to practical application - see our race times dramatically improve!

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Analyse your race style, your way

We pride ourselves on results and being a small but powerful intervention for boat owners to use. We won’t break your budget, but we will smash your race times.

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Rockit for boat owners

Find out if you’re spending money in the right places
Find out if your boat’s and your crew’s performance is developing
Spot the early warning signs that your boat needs repair or more maintenance

Rockit for navigators

Find out where your boat – and your crew – are fast or slow
Set your own data parameters for real time, four-dimensional performance feedback
Log and analyse all your instruments’ outputs in real time for post-race and post-training review

Rockit for coaches and crew

Identify crew weak spots and training requirements
Get feedback on the success of your training interventions
Track your performance and results in the long term to aid crew development.

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