Rockit will track and aggregate your key performance indicators as you race. You can then analyse your results in the best way for you and your crew – analyse your race style, your way.


Build up your skills at analysing your racing performance with our multi-level software package. Already a data buff? You can dig down into the details. Not so hot with tech? Our easy-to-use platform is the perfect introduction to racing analysis, helping you hone your insight and develop your boating instinct.


Racing is far more complex than standard instruments and prediction software may lead you to believe. Rockit is a way for you to test your instincts, try out new interventions, and analyse the difference they make in race times.


In the thrill of the chase, you want a simple, powerful sidekick to capture the data you need. No specialist technology or equipment – just the tools to monitor, feed back and analyse every move your boat makes. Unlike other equipment, Rockit measures your boat’s performance in multiple dimensions, helping you make sense of the complexities of racing variables.


Live information during a race is useful to a point. But in the long term, it’s not going to improve your racing performance. Rather than wrestling with devices and wrangling information as you change tack, or change sail, we believe proper performance analysis deserves time. Rockit allows you to collect your thoughts and scrutinise your performance in a serious, thoughtful way. Even if that is in the pub.

Rockit 2019 Video

Development and system compatibility

Rockit uses Open Source technologies throughout. Apache Derby as the repository for the data. The Front End client is written using Java. Rockit’s distributions are packaged to run on Windows, and has been tested on Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10. The recommended platform is Windows 10.

Ubuntu Linux and Mac OS X have been tested on a more limited basis: installation files for these environments are available on request, as is limited support for customers wishing to use MySQL rather than Apache Derby as the repository database.